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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 21, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and facing harsh punishments that could include threats at a school. parents, you might want to pay close attention at this time because in some cases, the parents can face punishment. once again, we will be here as it happens, when students start to come out, we can get information about what they plan to do and how they plan to go about it in the latest going on in the threat. we're live in san mateo. time now, 6:02, overnight news, a power outage knocked the lights out to 4300 customers, it started in new hall street. right now, only about 163 people are still without power. the p g and e crews are out
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there and say that the power should be back on by 10:00. so far, they're not sure what caused the problem, but as you can see, there are burned power poles and wires on the ground we'll keep you posted. police suspect low visibility maybe to blame for a truck hitting last night. out there live where it happened. the intersection, so, what are the people in the area saying? >> reporter: they're shocked, even as the fog gets there, you would be able to see a couple in the crosswalk, the man is saying that he did not see them and that the fog was so bad, you couldn't see across the street. it happened around 9:40 off of west portal avenue. a pickup truck hit an elderly couple in the sidewalk in the crosswalk and while the man was okay, his wife's injuries were
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more serious. i wouldn't really say that at the moment. i would have to wait to get the update. i hope not the truck driver stopped and stayed on the scene after the crash and police say there were several accidents because of the fog and they want to warn fogs to treat it like the rain since roads can be slippery so slow down and give yourself more breaking distance. i received a text from a police officer who says that the woman is listed in critical condition. we'll update as more details become available. live from san francisco. happening now, president obama is visiting with palestinian leaders in the west bank this morning. president obama met with palestinian president and the two held a joint press conference coming up, what the president had to say about the prospects for a palestinian peace deal
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the europe bank is giving cyprus until to come up with a plan b after the parliament rejected a plan to seize up to 10% of people's bank accounts they ordered the banks to stay closed. but atm's are operating with withdraw limits many are expressing anger against the union. police investigating whether a suspect in the standoff with police was killed by police officers or if he killed himself. yesterday morning, about 11:30, police got a call saying that a man was waving a rifle. the suspect ran inside. he later smashed out a window and pointed a shotgun at them. that's when the police opened fire. we don't know if the suspect fired back >> they let off about 50 rounds
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and had it on the floor. >> you had to hit the deck >> we had to, it was loud and my grandson was terrified. >> just before 3:00 in the afternoon, police stormed the house, they fired tear gas, they rammed an armored vehicle and found the suspect dead inside. they know of this particular person, they dealt with him before a san francisco judge will decide whether to -- release a man who ran over police. he suspected of stealing a taxi in the -- pacific heights neighborhood. they ran at him, one officer shot him at but did not hit him. the defense lawyer wants the bail reduced or developed entirely so that russell can we reenter a rehabilitation
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center. a piece of san france blasting back to oakland. the rocket ship has been a popular site. the 40-foot tall ship was designed and funded by private doners, the rocket ship goes back for some touchups, it's next display has not been determined >> you ready to help the folks on the east shore? you're looking at busier traffic on the freeway now westbound coming out to the macarthur maze with no issues on the way. the traffic continues to look good. i was looking at the chp list and briefly they had a crash reported on the upper deck of the bay bridge and it was deleted from the files i hope it means there's no crash on the bridge. the lights came on early which means there may have been something up there but it maybe
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gone. also the morning commute on northbound 17 as you drive into the mountains, they're clearing an accident, traffic is going to be slow on the way over the hill. let's go to steve. the system is clearing out all of the cloud cover, high pressure building in and that's giving us a northwesterly breeze. sunny at noon. 54 going for a high of 49 degrees. some 30s towards the north bay i'll show you that in a second as high pressure builds in and lower pressure to the south. you can see the low clouds, everything in the breeze that will take care of everything fast. 35, 38 in lake port. valley ford in there. and had a nice tweet and saying
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17-mile-per-hour winds feels like it's 43 degrees. 4 3 san jose, a little cool, 34 and a cool 58 in san diego. sunny today, temperatures will slowly rebound. this is that transition day from the clouds, even though it will be sunny, getting that westerly breeze, a lot of mid-60s. they're about where they should be. normals about 66 degrees. maybe slightly below the coast but about average. warmer weather, friday, saturday, most of sunday, cooler on monday. thank you. 6:09 is the time. a placer county man claims that a sinkhole drained a pond on his property. the manmade pond disappeared on his property sunday night.
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there's a lot of mining going on in the area and that underground cavity may be blame. a major company telling its employees to reveal how much they weigh or pay up. an anniversary at alcatraz, what happened on the rock 50 years ago today.
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california state lawmakers receive the highest base pay in the country. it will determine if any changes to be made to the salaries of
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the elected officials new reports, a cia maybe getting out of the drone business. according to the daily beast, they may no longer use drone attacks on suspected terrorists, it's shifting to the defense department. the idea behind the move is to toughen the criteria for drone strikes that have been criticized. president obama is in the west bank this morning, he's continuing his middle east trip and meeting with palestinian leaders. from the washington d.c. news room, the goal of today's meeting is to spark the peace talks. dave, expectations are low for any sort of breakthrough, authority says he wants to end a vision with israel. they owned a joint press conference. he focused on the palestinian and israeli students saying
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they had a lot to offer the region but that the conflict is holding them back. president obama wants both sides to take a leap of faith together and thinks that palestinians and israelis alike can let go of the past. if we can get direct negotiations started again, i believe that the shape of a potential deal is there. >> president obama met yesterday with israel's president as well as prime minister, he says that israel is committed to a two-state solution, what they had to say about the involvement. employees at the one of the nation's biggest chains must
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report weight to the insurance carrier or face a fine. they have to report the blood pressure levels and they say it's an invasion of policies. a committee is recommending that the city ban smoking in all parks less than 5-acres, it would cover as little as 22 of the 38 parks. will will be meetings before it goes before the full council. police searching for a gunman that robbed a best buy store that happened yesterday at the industrial road location, the suspect walked into the store, asked a clerk to see cell phones, when the worker came back, the suspect pulled out a gun, stole those cell phones and ran away. he was last seen getting into a black bmw
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a bicyclist is due to the arraigned today. perts say that surveillance video shows that chris ran a red light before hitting a 71-year-old man last march. a defense lawyer says he entered the intersection before the light changed. he's expected to carry of plea of felony vehicular manslaughter they want to reshape the market district in an effort to keep them in the area, they proposed to tear it down and wants to create a 30-acre development featuring housing and restaurants. bay area cities support the idea because it's an enticement. today is a historic anniversary for alcatraz. it was one known as the rock. 50 years ago today the federal government shut down alcatraz prison. it was the top prison for
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almost 30 years, some of the inmates included al capone and the bird man of alcatraz. now it's one of the tourist attractions. right now, checking back in with sal for the commute the traffic is getting busier in the 6:00 hour at the toll plaza, there was a minor accident and the metering lights, it's backed up way back to a foot at the maze. backed up early at about a 25-minute delay. no problems on the bridge. also the morning commute looking good if you are driving on san francisco freeways northbound and southbound traffic looking good. still clearing at northbound 17, santa cruz mountains. looking at the peninsula, 280 off to a good start. 6:18, let's go to steve.
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low clouds around san jose, some areas clear, they won't last long but they're with us. we're getting them. looks like the breeze tailed off. temperatures will come up a little bit today. more so inland, but not a lot. the bigger jump will be 2-3 degrees. the north wind would help. you can see how everything is going down the coast and taking care of the low cloud deck. 37 degrees, a lot of 40s, low to mid-40s, upper 30s. santa rosa, 42 now at walnut creek. others in the upper 40s. a little breeze helps. santa rosa, napa at 40. sunny and breezy. a westerly breeze. 60s for some. mid-60s for others upper 50s closer to the coast and temperatures tomorrow warmer i don't think it will be as
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breezy. it will be a north wind and cooler next week. there is new evidence that the universe was born earlier than previously thought. the split second after the big bang indicates that the universe is older than first thought. european scientists say that it burst in a fraction of a second >> the big bang theory >> yeah the list is growing. the country upset about an oscar-winning movie. why the parliament is upset about something said in the movie, argo. tense talks, the hot topic to have the fleets on standby. fference ween a vase and a vaz? a vaz is a really nice vase. shop like a fashionista. do you like this vaz?
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more than 25,000 claims about fraud and foreclosures were resolved. 21% of them were not taken care of within the required 30-day window. police were on standby for a town hall meeting on affordable housing. the meeting organized by citizens, their members believe their opinions on possible locations for affordable housing should mean a lot. the state requires the county to build 2000 units of lower income housing. the supervisor says that it's planned to be revealing it touches on some of the larger issues around are we i a welcoming issue around class
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and economics . they're charging class discrimination trying to distract from all of the issues surrounding affordable housing. the meeting turned out to be a peaceful one. the police were not needed after all city leaders are making plans for a big music festival. it will take place from may 8th to the 12th. it includes the black keys and the flaming lips an estimated 35,000 people are expected to attend. it's going to force street closures. expect to see some changes on the tonight show. when jay leno retires, jimmy fallon will be the new host and the show will move back to new york where it started in 1954 with host steve allen. nbc says it's not signed a deal with allen, but most insiders say it will happen before the
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fall of next year. new zealand is joining the list of countries that have taken issue with argo. a line claims that new zealand declined to take in a group of americans during the 1979 islamic resolution. they passed a motion saying that the film misled the world about what happened. they are upset that he was not portrayed in the film. let's go back over to sal. any problems for the commute? we have some slow traffic all over the place we don't have any major problems let's look at what we have with northbound 280 approaching the interchange, you can see that the traffic is moving well we had an earlier accident on highway 17, that's traffic coming over the hill is going to be slow coming down to the valley. on southbound 680, that looks okay heading south to the area, there's a big backup at the
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toll plaza, with i have an update in minutes. a little chilly for some. patchy low clouds, 30s towards the north bay. some also up towards the county and lake county. a lot of mid-40s and patchy low clouds and they got chewed up by a breeze today and temperatures slowly rebounding unlike me. 50s and 60s. thank you. we're getting closer to 6:30. disturbing charges against a baseball coach, investigators think there could be more victims. one woman is in critical condition after being struck in a crosswalk in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. what police say contributed to the crash. going live to new york for the opening bell with the stocks to watch we'll be right back
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px at the intersection, what
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are the police telling you about the two victims. >> reporter: we know that the welcome is in critical condition now you can get a better where had of how hectic this street gets, muny runs along here and it's busy. it's dark and that's how it looked last night minus one thing and that's the fog. it was so dense, authorities say you couldn't see across the street. that played a major role in the crash. it happened last night. a pickup truck hit an elderly couple and while the man was okay, his wife rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police say in a noing that they want to remind folks to drive more slowly. >> the fog makes the ground slippery. probably drive 5-10 miles per hour less. be vigilant with looking into
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the horizon and checking for people. the truck driver stopped and stayed on the scene after the crash. police say there were several accidents last night in the area because of the fog. if we learn the identities, we will pass it along and let you know. we are also tracking news in san jose where firefighters have put out a fire in a mobile home park. it started about 4:30 this morning at the trailer at the manner mobile home park. nobody was inside. a space heater may have started that fire san jose police looking for a teenager in connection with two bold robberies it happened last night blocks away from each other in the area of 19th and san antonio streets. investigators say that the suspect used a pocket knife to rob two different men, one victim was slashed the other hit in the head, both were rushed to the hospital but the injuries
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described as not serious. a baseball coach facing several charges of molestation. >> it was approved by congress
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before expiring before 2004. the assault weapons ban will not be part of gun control because it does not have the votes to pass. it could get a vote, in about an hour and a half with new york city mayor michael bloomberg a reward for two million dollars. the state department says that jihad and omar, they're members of the terror group. they think they may be planning attacks on u.s. interests. both men are on the fbi's ten most-wanted terrorist lists. in washington, the house of representatives expected to approve a stopgap one to avoid a government shutdown next week. it approved it yesterday.
6:33 am
it coops the government funded for six more months, it does not reverse the sequester but gives flexibility on how they make the cuts. happening now, people are lined up outside of the new bakery for the grand opening and the chance to score some free bread. ktvu, how many have been standing in line? >> they just reached a hundred people. you could see the line behind me and i have been told that the first person in line is here since 5:00 p.m. yesterday i want to show you some of the lawn chairs that are out here you can see one of the first people in line has a tent out here. they are offering free bread. i want to talk to the second
6:34 am
person in line because the first person is second harvest food bank. this is not the first time you have stood in line, you're from sacramento. >> i'm from sacramento >> why are you out here? >> we love free bread and they have the greatest bread and it's just wonderful we love getting the year's worth of free bread. >> you said you give the bread to strangers because it's the third time you have been here. i do. if i'm going through the drive through, i'll give tickets to
6:35 am
starbucks. starting for all of you hungry people, might want to get on the road. highway 4 up past con court concord. 680 is slow beginning with slow
6:36 am
traffics and down to alamo we have a robust commute. highway 101, traffic looks good. 6:38, let's go to steve i apologize, thank you for the remedies that we're tweeting me we i have mostly clear skies, patchy clouds down san jose.
6:37 am
could be some patchy low clouds, a northerly breeze. a cold wind. it's at the airport. 34, going the give us the breeze sun u -- westerly and northwesterly breeze. expect if you're by the water's edge and in the 50s, low
6:38 am
60s. maybe slightly below by the beaches and above inland and tomorrow looks warmer and then we carry it in. >> the time now 6:40. new this morning, german investigators suspect bad weather caused two helicopters to crash into each other. taking part when the rotors hit one another. it flew onto a sports field next to the stadium grief counselors will be at the high school of the student hit by a train he had a passion for music. his life was cut short on
6:39 am
tuesday when he was hit and killed by a passing cal train near virginia street >> there's nothing to indicate it was the result of foul play or intentional about. >> friends say he often took a shortcut home near the tracks, there are already warning signs in place to revent illegal crossings and they had plans to put up fencing around the tracks before his death later on today. flight attendants plan to protest the decision to allow small knives on planes. they will ask passengers to tell congress overturn and allow knives on planes. they will ask them to sign an online petition. it will allow the screeners to focus on looking for explosives. police will be out in force in the san mateo campus at the
6:40 am
high school this morning. more on the online threat that led to the increased security. we're live in san jose where there is absolutely madness, march madness kicks off. the excitement coming up good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well out in the the bridge.
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it will be breezy and highs in the 60s. welcome back. good morning. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following now at 6:45, president obama is in the west bank this morning it's part of the middle east trip. the president met with the palestinian president, the two held this joint news conference. president obama says he believes that middle east peace with two states is possible but that it will be hard to achieve. back here at home in san francisco, about 163 people still have no electricity in the bay view district. the power outage started when about 3500 customers lost their power. pg and e is still out there and say they should be able to fix the problem and still not sure
6:44 am
what caused the problem last night an elderly couple was hit crossing the street in san francisco. while the elderly man is okay, the woman suffered critical injuries, the driver stopped and has been co-op rating with police students will be met with extra security, paul chambers is there on campus with what police are saying about the threat that sparked the extra security. >> good morning. this is all a result of a cryptic message that said it was a threat against a school. this morning, students and staff will be greeted by staff that will be on campus working alongside to provide a safe environment for staff. it is a result for those finding a rambling message. police haven't said what is
6:45 am
contained in the message but did say that they were working with officials here to try to determine the source of this threat. police sergeant released this statement saying that the safety of the students are our paramount concern it's not the first local school to get added police officers and patrol. last week, police patrolled foothill high school after a threat was found in a girl's bathroom since then several others have had to deal with other issues including two in tracy and in those three cases, they were tracked down and facing hard punishments. parents you might want to pay close attention to your students. in some cases, parents can face punishment as well. school starts at 8:00 and we'll
6:46 am
be here all morning long. hopefully we i can talk to some parents and school officials and get the latest from police on the ongoing investigation. >> thank you. wow, it is march madness in san jose. college basketball fans from all over the country heading to the pavilion for the tournament. one of my favorite athletes. joining us live, out there to tell us everything happening. >> did you just call me one of your favorite athletes? >> one of my favorite athletes. i wanted to make sure. good morning to you. let it begin, a lot of fans are excited from across the country. expect hp pavilion as the second and third rounds get started they're starting to come here a few days ago. some hours ago because of the
6:47 am
conference ended. it it's from one city to another. for the city of san jose, it's an economic boost. hp pavilion hosted three times and it generated millions of dollars of revenue because of it. back in 2007, the tournament generated $19 million. in terms of tickets, we just checked online, there's a limited amount available and the prices range to $150 and some say it's worth it >> it is madness, everyone is thrilled and most of these people came from brooklyn and were only home for a few hours
6:48 am
of course the game many are looking forward to, cal, that's scheduled for 4:27 this afternoon and then the night game, syracuse and montana scheduled to tip off around 6:57 tonight and the best seat is always going to be at home or dare i say it, at your work office you did not hear it from me. i'm sure nobody here at channel 2 is doing any sort of betting or looking while we're at the workplace. >> it's our job to watch the game >> you're right. >> we have to stay updated. >> i don't think that your boss at your job would like it. be careful let's get out and i think bandwidth has improved. looking at 237, speaking of
6:49 am
bandwidth, a lot of people going out. westbound bay bridge, that's backed up as you drive up to the bay bridge toll plaza for about a 25-minute wait. there's still a crash on the shoulder, doesn't seem to be affecting anyone but it's there. the look at the livemore valley, it's slow coming in over the altamonte pass. westbound slowest. let's go the steve. some low clouds around san jose, it's mostly cloudy. there's some clear conditions and cold conditions up north, in at the 30s. lake port in there. santa rosa have been flirting with upper 30s as well. a lot of 40s. fairfield 42. san jose with the low cloud deck. a lot of mid-40s.
6:50 am
high pressure in the north, low pressure to the south. it will feel breezy. patchy low clouds, more of a westerly breeze. a little bit warmer today. 50s and 60s on the temperatures right about where they should be. inland, right in line with what we should have. warmer friday and saturday, cooler next week. thank you. boeing plans to conduct two flight tests of the revised battery system according to several reports, the tests could happen before the weekend is over. that would be another step of them getting their dreamliners back in the air. they have been banned after two incidents of burning batteries people could show videos of their kids and their cats, now youtube, it has enough viewers to claim a major milestone. some major changes may be coming to one of america's most
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:55. taking you live to the big board. dow jones down about 58 points. nasdaq and s&p also down. concerns europe continuing because the job numbers that came in were pretty
6:54 am
encouraging. we'll keep watching business for you. >> 6:55. a public meeting today in san francisco will debate drastic changes for yosemite. would ban bicycle and horse rentals. would also remove the ice rink at carry village. and rafting rentals would stop. these changes come in response to years of lawsuits demanding the park be restored to natural setting. musicians for the san francisco symphony will be holding a small concert. comes as a strike as symphony management pass the one week mark. perform at 11:30 this morning where other musicians and supporters will picket. on sunday they canceled east coast
6:55 am
tour as they did not reach an agreement on a new contact. >> the online video site says more than 1 billion people a month. makes youtube which started 8 years ago a powerful force. now owned by google. gives the company another large scale platform for online ads. >> let's quickly check in with sal. >> that's right backed up to the mc arthur maze. we had just a lot of crashes yesterday. today, dry and clear and the traffic is responding accordingly. let's go to the livermore valley. slow traffic coming in to the main part of livermore. >> still low clouds pushing south. mostly sunny here today. pretty soon. highs today 50s 60s. >> coming up next on mornings on 2. some big questions surround a serious crash.
6:56 am
what police are telling us this morning. >> you've been watching our live reports over the past 30 minutes. what's cooking right now at a south bay bakery. stay right here with us.
6:57 am
6:58 am
we're live in san francisco's west portal neighborhood where one woman is fighting for her life after being struck in a crosswalk. police say it was foggy but one neighbor says that was no excuse. >> a bay area baseball coach is facing serious charges and why this investigation is far from over. >> yet another threat at a bay area school. this time on the peninsula. how the police are responding. >> reporter: and we're live in coopertino where dozens of people camped out to get something for free 365 days out of the year. mornings on 2 starts now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2 i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it is thursday march 21st . an elderly
6:59 am
woman is in the hospital after she and her husband were run over by a truck. tara is live where the crash happened. >> reporter: good morning. that woman is in critical condition fighting for her life. getting an idea how busy this intersection can be. this is where it happened in one of these four crosswalks right here. it's very busy. muni comes through here . it looked like this last night although obviously darker and a lot more fog. it was pretty dense and authorities say that is what contributed toward the accident. happened off west portal avenue at 9:40 last night. a pick-up truck hit an elderly couple. the man was okay, his wife was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. in the fog they want to remind folks to drive slowly. but despite the fog, people say drivers simply need to slow down.


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